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Khaosok Lake Safari

Phang-nga , Thailand Full Day



Khaosok Lake is a part of the richest and oldest ecosystem on
earth, home of plant life, wildlife and breathtaking vistas. A daytrip leads
you to popular scenic point of Rajjaprapa Dam is where the tremendous
stone pillars stand vertically on the green clear water. This spot is aptly
dubbed “Thailand Guilin”. Immerse yourself into its astronighing beauty,
explore by long-tail boat
and kayak in the shadow of spectacular limestone outcrops and swim in the cool clear water.


This trip requires a minimum of 4 persons. If it is less than 4 persons, there will be an additional charge 1000 baht
per person.

We reserve the right to change the itinerary due to weather conditions, availability and flexibility of timing and other factors beyond our control. Decisions will be made in the best interests of all passengers on board and with regard to safety.



Morning : Boat Sightseeing, Diamond Cave

Pick up from hotel in Khaolak, heading to the Rajjaprapa
Lake. Get onboard to view a beautiful scenery of the lake. Enjoy
sightseeing with the world class view of limestone mountain and
green clear water. Short trekking to explore “Diamond Cave” to
see crystal formation of helictites, stalactites, stalagmites.


Beautiful lunch at floating rafting.


Afternoon : Kayaking , Swimming, Relaxing

After lunch, swim, kayak or just simply relax. The raft house is
situated in a beautiful setting, resting along the edge of the clear
green reservoir with a verdant forested backdrop. Explore the lake by
kayak, observing nature and magnificent scenery


Arrive to Khaolak.

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